What Does Water Damage Restoration Include?

A Damp Street

If you live in an area that constantly sees excess water, you’ve probably had someone recommend you to hire a professional water restoration company. However, do you know the terms exactly means? Read on to find out more.

What is Professional Water Damage Restoration?

A professional water damage restoration company consists of mostly technicians who are trained to remove excess water from a house, property or are without causing any further damage. It includes the complete process of water cleanup from beginning to end.

Here is the simple process that is followed by water damage restoration technicians.

Evaluation: The first thing the technicians would do after arriving at your property is to evaluate the situation. They look at the condition of the area to determine how much damage is done and what needs to be done to prevent further damage. After taking all things into consideration, they’ll create a plan to restore the water damage.
Water Cleanup: Naturally, the second step would be to get rid of the excess water. They’ll make sure to drain out the water without causing any further damage to the surrounding property.
Drying: After all the excess water is removed from the property, they’ll thoroughly dry out the area to ensure no moisture is left.
Sanitization: Still water is the perfect environment for the growth of bacteria and mold. Unfortunately, just removing the excess water doesn’t kill them. This is why a thorough sanitization will be performed in order to get rid of any harmful and unhygienic substances left behind by the water are removed.
Restore and Repair: Why the water damage restoration company may not be able to fix every damage that has already been caused by the water, they will try their best to fix as much as they can.