Steps to Take to Help Mitigate Your Water Loss

water loss

Did you know that water damage is one of the most commonly cited claims on home insurance? This should not come as a total surprise considering the many possible causes of water damage – heavy rain, bursting of pipes, and the bathtub accidentally overflowing. After making sure that you and those you live with are safely out of harm’s way, here are five important steps you should take if you experience water damage in your home.

Shut off the water until the broken appliance, pipe, toilet supply line, etc. (source of the water leak) has been repaired.
Contact a water extraction vendor. Water extraction vendors are appropriately equipped to handle any size water loss. Involving a water extraction vendor early on, following the initial incident, oftentimes lessens the amount of damage that may have resulted, including proper protocols to prevent or minimize mold growth.
Contact your Claims Advocate to report a claim. Your claims advocate will contact the insurance company on your behalf to file the claim. They will monitor the claim from opening until the conclusion. If at any point throughout the claim you have questions or concerns, you may wish to contact your claims advocate to assist you. At Gulfshore Insurance, we understand a claim can be both a financial and emotional burden, and we are here to help!
Document your damage. Take photos of damaged areas of your home, inclusive of your contents. Keep a journal of these damages, along with all relevant claim information to include: your claim #, adjuster contact, agency claims advocate contact, water extraction vendor information, and contractor information. Retain components relevant to the source of the water damage (i.e. pipe, broken valves, toilet supply line, etc.) for inspection by the company claims adjuster.
Make temporary repairs to mitigate damages. For example, if you experienced a roof leak, then place a tarp over the leaking area. Do not proceed with permanent repairs until the insurance adjuster has had the opportunity to inspect the resulting damages