Main Causes of Water Damage in the Winter

Winters are the perfect time to cuddle up in a blanket to binge your favorite Netflix show or warm up with a mug of hot chocolate and a good book. Unfortunately, it is also a great time to encounter winter water damage. 

Following are some of the major causes of water damage during the winters. 

  • 1. Frozen Pipes

The most common reason behind winter water damage are frozen pipes. If the pipes freeze due to the extremely low temperature, it causes the H2O molecules to expand. If they expand too much, it can cause the pipes to burst. This causes significant damage to your property, including your floors and walls structures. Significant damage can also affect your neighborhood piping system. 

  • 2. Melting Snow

If you have a lot of snow on the roof, you could be at a high risk of water damage. As the accumulated snow starts to melt, it can cause flooding in your house. Even if the snow isn’t enough to cause flooding, it can create a moist environment for mold to grow. Therefore, it is crucial to regularly remove any snow that accumulates on your roof. 

  • 3. Overflowing Gutters

The buildup of water within gutters is another common reason behind winter water damage. Extremely low temperatures can cause water to freeze inside the gutters. This can block the gutter and cause overflowing and spilling over the sides. If the water seeps back into your home, it can cause flooding; especially in the basement. In addition to that, the contaminated water can cause various risk hazards. You can prevent this from happening by regularly cleaning out your gutters. 


While winter water damage is a common occurrence, practicing some precaution can help you minimize the damage as much as possible.