Leading Causes of the Growth of Mold in Your Home

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One of the most common problems faced by many homeowners is the growth of mold in different parts of their home.

Whether it is pink mold growing at the bottom of your shower curtain or the slimy white patches on the ceiling of your basement, mold is nothing but unsightly and unpleasant.

If you’re wondering what causes the growth of mold in your home, you should know that it all starts with excessive moisture and dampness in the house. Moist areas are breeding grounds for different types of mold that grow in abundance if the wet conditions prevail.

However, there are many other leading causes that can result in the vigorous growth of mold inside your home.

Increased Humidity Levels

Humidity is defined as the amount of moisture in the air, so naturally, if you live in an area where there is excess humidity, there’ll be a high level of moisture in the air. In such cases, you are likely to see mold growing in areas like the basement, dark and damp closets, under the kitchen sink, walls, and ceilings, to name a few.

Additionally, high humidity levels indoors can prevent the proper circulation of air, which can further worsen the mold situation.

Poor Ventilation

Lack of proper ventilation is one of the major causes of the rapid growth of mold spores in your home. When there is insufficient ventilation, the air inside your home tends to stay stagnant, which leads to excessive moisture all around you. This is furthered by the high steam content that is produced by numerous household appliances and activities like bathing and cooking. These tend to leave surfaces and areas super sticky and damp, which greatly attracts mold and fungus.

Indoor Leakage

One of the most common reasons for mold growth is indoor leakage that can be caused by a variety of factors, such as old and broken pipes, a weak and leaking roof, or cracks in the foundation of your house. This kind of indoor leakage can lead to ceiling and wall mold due to a huge backlog of moisture in different areas of your home. Often times, a leak goes unnoticed because it’s very small and barely visible. This leads to the growth of mold in the ceiling boards and the corners of the walls.

Standing Water

In case of heavy rainfall or downpour, water tends to seep in through the walls of your attic or basement, which creates large puddles of standing water. These serve as the ideal habitats for different types of mold. Even water in sinks, toilets, and showers can lead to the growth of mold if it’s left standing for long periods of time.

Moisture in HVAC Systems

Most homes have a variety of heating, cooling, and ventilation systems, which are also common breeding areas for mold. The duct of your air conditioner, for instance, is likely to attract mold because it’s dark, damp, and has a high humidity level. Excessive moisture in the HVAC system mainly occurs due to clogged air filters, lack of insulation, high condensation, and internal leakages.

There may be numerous other causal factors for the growth of mold inside your home, for which you need to call mold remediation or a mold removal service at the earliest!