How is Soot Removed After a Fire Incident

Soot is a harmful substance that gets left behind in fire accidents and contains chemicals, metals, acids, and dust, leaving a black residue with a nasty smell. These tiny particles are a result of the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels, such as wood, coal, and oil. 

In the event of a house fire, soot spreads over the entire house and attaches itself to whatever surface it lands on. If the soot is not removed immediately, it can further damage the property and affect the quality of indoor air. 

It is also important to note that soot can occur even without a fire accident. For instance, if you're prone to using a lot of candles, it can lead to soot buildup over time. Therefore, it is recommended to use candles sparingly.

How to Remove Soot

If you have experienced a house fire and have severe soot damage, it is best to call your local soot removal service. 

A good soot removal service uses high-performance and environment-friendly cleaning methods to clear out all the soot on your property. After thoroughly cleaning the house, they apply a succeeding coat to add a finishing touch to your walls and remaining furniture. If possible, they may even paint the walls. 

Removing Small Amounts of Soot 

If your soot buildup is a result of excessive use of candles, you likely don't need to call a soot removal service. A mild soap or detergent mixed with water is enough to remove small amounts of soot in the house. If you want to perform a more thorough cleaning, you can make a solution of 4 to 5 tablespoons of tri-sodium phosphate, 1 cup of chlorine bleach or household cleaner, and one gallon of water. Wear rubber gloves to carefully clean any soot-covered surface with this solution.