How Do You Know If There Is Mold Growing In your Home?

How Do You Know If There Is Mold Growing In your Home

Mold is a common issue in most homes, but it often goes unnoticed and unidentified because many homeowners struggle in terms of identifying that they have a mold problem in their homes.

From weird-smelling air all around the house to feeling sick all of a sudden, numerous signs indicate you’re dealing with a mold problem. However, some of these signs tend to be very subtle, so it becomes hard to ascertain that there is, in fact, mold living in your home.

However, these indicators are always definite, so if you ever experience or notice any of the following symptoms, immediately get in touch with mold remediation services for effective mold removal.

Mold Spores

One of the most obvious ways to identify a mold problem is the growth of mold spores that you are likely to notice in damp, dark areas in your home. The ideal breeding grounds for mold spores are the kitchen sink, the shower, the grout between the tiles of your bathroom, and moist ceilings and walls. It is important to note here that there are various types of mold, and they differ in terms of color and appearance. Some mold spores are hard to spot, while others are clearly evident because of their color.

Damp Smell in the Air

If the air around you has a weird, musty smell, there may be mold lurking in the damp and dark corners of your home. It might be tricky to identify the exact smell because different mold species exhibit varying odors; however, if it isn’t a common smell, it could very well be the smell of mold.

Watery or Stinging Eyes

One of the worst things about mold is that it can also affect your health, along with causing damage to your home. One of its major effects on your health includes allergic reactions, along with a variety of common symptoms. If your eyes start to water or sting just out-of-the-blue, there may be mold in your home, which is triggering these symptoms.

Bubbling-Up Paint

Have you ever noticed unusual kinds of bubbles popping up on the paint of your bathroom or kitchen walls, for instance? That mainly happens due to moisture seeping in between the walls, but it is much more than that. It is one of the biggest signs of mold residing on your walls because where there’s a lot of moisture, there is likely to be a mold problem.

Breathing Issues

If you find yourself coughing without having a cold, or you struggle to breathe properly when you’re in your house, you probably have mold in your home. Mold is known to contain toxins that make their way right into your lungs. This leads to breathing issues or a lingering cough.

Call a Professional

The best way to deal with mold removal is by getting in touch with mold remediation services as soon as you suspect a mold problem in your home. EE&G Restoration Services in Tampa have been dealing with mold remediation for many years and is one of the leading restoration companies in Florida.