Four Tips For Starting Off as a Property and Casualty Insurance Agent

Four Tips For Starting Off as a Property and Casualty Insurance Agent

Starting off as a property and casualty insurance agent is a challenging a long process. While thousands of agents enjoy success in insurance sales, many have difficulty meeting commission and income goals—and eventually, transfer to other careers. Starting off as a property and casualty insurance agent correctly requires following a sound business and marketing plan.

Here are Four Tips to Succeed as a Property and Casualty Insurance Agent:

While you may want to read up on a number of things you will do better when starting off as a property and casualty insurance agent by going out and trying to sell insurance products.

1. When starting off as a property and casualty insurance agent Do NOT go out on your own immediately. You need to work for someone before working for yourself.

2. Locate an agent who is already established and work for him or her for 2-3 years to learn the ropes.

3. A Captive Agent’s priority is to develop business for the parent company above all others.

4. Partner with Local Professional Restoration Companies.

It is a Good idea to leave your customers insured for fungus/mold/bacteria related losses caused by the “mold exclusion” in virtually every insurance policy. Today, 95 percent of their commercial customers who own or manage the commercial property are ignorantly and needlessly uninsured for mold/bacteria related losses.

For the same reasons a restoration contractor needs a customized Contractors Environmental Liability insurance policy matched to their general liability insurance coverage, a property owner needs a customized Environmental Impairment Liability insurance (EIL) policy to fill the gaps in insurance coverage created by universal coverage restrictions for fungus and bacteria-related losses today.

Why you need to partner with a Restoration Company

With a 95 percent fundamental coverage defect rate on the insurance coverage for fungi and bacteria-related losses in their commercial property client base, insurance agents need some help in getting their customers insured for water losses involving mold/bacteria or at least not leaving them ignorantly and needlessly uninsured for these losses. As a trained water mitigator, restoration companies can offer insurance agencies a great deal of assistance in reducing the professional liability loss exposure of insurance agents.

A property owner can cut the cost of their environmental insurance on their buildings in half, and the limits of insurance available for losses related to microbial matter by at least ten-fold if they have a Water Intrusion Loss Mitigation Plan the insurance company providing the PERM insurance product will accept.

Water Intrusion Loss Mitigation Plans is something most insurance agents miss. This is because when the insurance companies slammed “toxic mold” exclusions into virtually every property and liability insurance policy sold after 2005, nobody told the insurance agents how the new exclusions worked. Therefore, the agents have not told their commercial property owners they are uninsured for these common losses. In the past, there was no place for insurance agents to learn indoor environmental risk management and insurance.

Our Water Intrusion Loss Mitigation capabilities make properties insurable under a Property Environmental Risk Management type insurance policy at affordable rates, you will be able to:

  • The secure solid first response calls, in portfolios of the commercial property before there is an insurance claim;
  • Make the value propositions of your competitors irrelevant;
  • Make the incumbent positions of your competitor’s sales efforts irrelevant;
  • Take price off the table in the selection criteria for drying services.

Take advantage and work with a Restoration Company to get ahead of your competitors and improve your loss ratios.