Different Ways to Prevent Water Damage in Your Home


One of the most common culprits that are likely to weaken the sturdy foundation of your home is none other than water damage. Not only does it lead to severe structural damage, but it also turns your home into a breeding ground for mold, fungus, termites, and carpenter ants.

There are several factors that lead to water damage in your home. These typically include leaking or burst pipes, heavy rainfall, faulty plumbing systems, and natural disasters like floods, to name a few.

As a homeowner, there are many ways and methods through which you can prevent water damage in your home. While you certainly can’t stop natural calamities from occurring, for instance, you can ensure that they don’t cause a lot of damage to your home.

Take a look at a few effective ways to protect your home from water damage.

Maintain Your Plumbing System

Often times, issues in your indoor plumbing system can lead to water damage without you even realizing it. Some of the most common issues include malfunctioning faucets and hoses, cracks and leaks in pipes, frozen or overheated pipes, etc.

Make it a point to inspect your home for any such plumbing problems once every few months to ensure that everything is working fine. You can also invest in handy devices, such as a water-leak monitor that has a shut-off system, which will alert you if there’s any indoor leakage issue.

Ensure Proper Drainage

A proper drainage system will ensure that all the water moves away from your house instead of accumulating on your roof or collecting in your basement. This involves cleaning your gutters at least twice a year and installing gutter guards to prevent them from clogging. Another important thing to do here is to secure all your downspouts and position them in a way that they point away from your home.

Protect the Exterior of Your Home

In case of heavy rainfall or downpour, you want to take effective measures to prevent any water from seeping into your house through your roof or basement. Seal and caulk all the windows of your home to prevent water seepage. Also, thoroughly inspect your roof for any possible repairs, be it broken pipes or damaged shingles. If you have sprinklers in the outdoor area, examine them regularly to ensure that they aren’t creating any water damage.

Re-Grade the Land

Many homeowners struggle with exterior soil and land grading issues because they aren’t usually sure as to how much slope they need to protect the foundation of their house. In order to prevent water damage in your home, you must make sure that the ground or the land that’s adjacent to your house inclines away from the foundation wall instead of declining toward your home. Re-grade the soil in a way that it slopes away from the house so that rainwater moves along on top of it, away from your home.

Call a Professional

If your home requires a lot of repair and maintenance work, get help from a water damage restoration service. If you live in Tampa, the EE&G Restoration Services is your best bet as they have extremely skilled professionals to help protect your home from water damage.