Actions to Prepare a Facility for a Forecast Event

Actions to Prepare a Facility for a Forecast Event
Actions to prepare a facility for a forecast event depend upon the potential impacts of the hazards associated with the event.

Conduct an risk assessment to identify severe weather hazards including winter storms, arctic freeze, tropical storm, hurricane, flooding, storm surge, severe thunderstorm, tornado and high winds. Also consider non-traditional hazards, such as a planned event involving a large crowd. Property conservation actions should focus on protection of the building and valuable machinery, equipment, and materials inside. Potential damage may be prevented or mitigated by inspecting the following building features, systems, and equipment:

  • Windows and doors
  • Roof flashing, covering and drainage
  • Exterior signs
  • Mechanical equipment, antennas, and satellite dishes on rooftops
  • Outside storage, tanks, and equipment
  • Air intakes
  • High-value machinery
  • Sensitive electronic equipment including information technology and process controllers
The review of building components may also identify opportunities for longer-term mitigation strategies.Property conservation activities for specific forecast events include the following:
  • Winter storm – Keep building entrances and emergency exits clear; ensure there is adequate fuel for heating and emergency power supplies; monitor building heat, doors, and windows to prevent localized freezing; monitor snow loading and clear roof drains.
  • Tropical storms and hurricanes – Stockpile and pre-cut plywood to board up windows and doors (or install hurricane shutters); ensure there are sufficient labor, tools, and fasteners available; inspect roof coverings and flashing; clear roof and storm drains; check sump and portable pumps; backup electronic data and vital records off-site; relocate valuable inventory to a protected location away from the path of the storm.
  • Flooding – Identify the potential for flooding and plan to relocate goods, materials, and equipment to a higher floor or higher ground. Clear storm drains and checks sump and portable pumps. Raise stock and machinery off the floor. Prepare a plan to use sandbags to prevent water entry from doors and secure floor drains.

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